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Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women Some Themes To Work With Your Growing Bump

Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women: Some Themes To Work With Your Growing Bump

Just because you’re expecting a child this Halloween doesn’t mean you have to cover up or limit yourself to plus size costume ideas! Halloween costumes for pregnant women can be just as fun and creative as anything else. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

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Paint Your Bump

One of the most popular ideas for Halloween costumes for pregnant women is to use your bump as a prop. Many women paint it orange to look like a pumpkin and “carry” it around with them. This is a good idea as it works with a number of different costumes. For example you could dress as a farmer with the belly/ pumpkin coming out of a hole, or even more traditional Halloween characters such as a witch carrying the pumpkin.

The Pregnant Nun

This is another popular one among the list of Halloween costumes for pregnant women. This tongue in cheek costume involves dressing as a nun with a very noticeable baby bump. She’s obviously been up to something she shouldn’t have!

Bun In The Oven Costume

This is another funny costume idea: why not either buy a ready made costume or create an “oven” out of a box? Put a bun in there to represent the baby you’ve got growing in your belly. This will cover up your growing bump but it still makes your pregnancy a feature of the costume.

The Gruesome Eyeball

Want to do something a little gruesome for Halloween? Then dress your belly up as an eyeball. You can have some fun painting the details on this one, just don’t forget the blood! For the rest of your costume, just wear plain black and let the scary eyeball pop out. People can’t fail to notice this costume at a party!

Pregnant Mother Earth

This is another costume that makes use of a painted belly as a prop. Why not dress as Mother Earth and paint your belly to look like the world? This will require a bit more detail when it comes to getting the paint looking right, but it’ll be a huge hit if you can pull it off. As for the clothing around the belly, try anything in natural colors, and add accessories such as rows of flowers or leaves to complete the look.

The Chicken And The Egg

For a good couples costume idea, many pregnant women choose to go to Halloween parties dressed as an egg. Your partner can go as the chicken or, if you fancy something a little different, maybe even some streaky bacon.

Pregnant Pea Pod

This is a fun costume that plays on your bump by making it look as if it’s a pea coming out of the pod. Just get hold of green clothes, and cut a hole in your shirt or jacket for the “pea” to peep out.


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