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Plus Size Womens Halloween Costume

Plus Size Women’s Halloween Costume

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe was considered plus size? No one would argue that the woman was beautiful and had a traffic stopping figure but because she didn’t fit society’s definition of slender, she was labeled plus size.

plus size halloween costumes

All that means is a woman has a few more curves! It’s an honor being grouped in the same category as Marilyn Monroe. But being more curvaceous in what feels like a toothpick world can make finding costumes that you like in the stores a little more difficult. But that’s why it’s time now to shop around for a plus size women’s Halloween costume.

And this article will give you plenty of ideas on what you can choose from. The D.C. Comics Wonder Woman plus size costume is great for those with more curves. You can bring this justice-seeking heroine to the spotlight on Halloween night. The costume has the red shirt/blue skirt with stars combo that’s easily recognizable. The belt, boot covers and headband will make you a star at all the events.

But if you want a scary plus size women’s Halloween costume, you can have one that’s straight from Friday the 13th. The Secret Wishes Friday the 13th Miss Voorhees costume is a vengeful vixen.

This costume is a black jersey style mini dress with the Friday the 13th design on the front of it. Black boots, ripped fishnet stockings and a blood dipped knife will make bystanders give a second look.

If you prefer casting your spell over the night’s events, then you’ll love the Goth Maiden Witch costume. The black dress with touches of green gives an authentic appeal. Topped by the pointed hat and you’ll be flying off into the night.

If you’re looking for something unique and catching the bad boys are where your passions are, then Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter will certainly catch them. This costume gives buyers the short black dress with cut out sleeves and it also has the sunglasses, handcuffs and knife.

Perhaps you’re looking for a plus size women’s Halloween costume that’ll allow you to dance through the night in style. There’s a perfect retro costume you’ll love. The Spangled Disco Diva Costume will let you boogie for all hours.

This dress is eye-catching in a swirl design of black and silver and it’s got the matching headwrap. Put on your white disco boots and get ready to go! But if you’re looking for a sweet costume to wear, then see how great the Shrek Forever After Fiona costume is. The dress is most definitely something a princess would wear and comes with the headpiece to create Fiona’s ears.

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