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Unique Vampire Costumes For Women

Unique Vampire Costumes For Women

Vampire costumes for women have been a firm favorite at Halloween for many years now. Although we all have ideas about how the classic vampire can look, new shows and movies, such as True Blood and Twilight, have given women more scope for unique Halloween costumes than ever!

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The Classic Vampire Look

Although there is a huge range of different female vampires out there in popular entertainment, vampire costumes for women almost always include a few basic elements…

1) Pale Skin: Vampires don’t go out in the sun, so they tend to be a lot paler than living humans. Use white makeup, or foundation a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone, to recreate the “undead” look.

2) Dark Eyes: Vampires tend to have darker eyes, so recreate this with some dark eye shadow on and below the lids. If you really want to take this further, you can even add some red or black contacts.

3) Fangs: All vampires have fangs to make it easier to drain their victims. Although not all vampires keep their fangs out constantly, you’ll want to get hold of some fake fangs so that everyone knows exactly what you’re supposed to be dressed up as!

Pam From True Blood

If a sexy, modern vampire is the kind you want to go as then why not try dressing like Pam from True Blood? Some of Pam’s defining characteristics include her long, poker straight blonde hair, her bright red lipstick, and her sex appeal! She’s also known to wear a lot of leather and PVC while she’s on the clock at Fangtasia. And don’t forget the high heels and, of course, the vampire fangs!

Akasha From Queen of the Damned

This movie may have been released a while ago now, but the Akasha character is still one of the most famous and unique of all the female vampires. If you want to look a little different from all the other vampires out on Halloween, why not try to look like Aaliyah did in her famous role?

Akasha’s costume is tribal and Egyptian, with a long skirt, coiled breastplates, belt and very detailed vampire crown. This won’t be an easy costume to recreate, but if you choose to do so you’ll certainly be the center of attention at any Halloween party! This costume is great for a bit of belly dancing, too!

As you can see, there are ways to create unique vampire costumes for women if you think outside the box – you don’t have to stick to long black gowns and black hair!


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