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Womens Gangster Halloween Costume

Women’s Gangster Halloween Costume

Back in the day of female gangsters, they ushered in a lifestyle for women made up of fancy silks, pinstriped pantsuits, flashy diamonds and big guns. They weren’t afraid to be both feminine and cross the moral line of good versus bad.

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And even though these women were public enemies, they had their own code of loyalty. Today, the image those women projected is seen as one of glamour as well as sex appeal. That’s the reason behind the appeal of the women’s gangster Hallowen costume. It has that same pizzazz.

It was a time of fat cigars, stacks of money, plenty of liquor and the suits! You can get that same pinstriped pantsuit look in one gangster costume and you can also go with something that gives off a Mafia gangster appearance – the Women’s Mafia Mama costume.

In the feminine version of the pantsuit, this costume brings the gangster style to life. The rakish hat also comes with the outfit. You can add shoes of your own or purchase the black and white gangster pumps.

Another women’s gangster Halloween costume is the Moll Suit costume with the double-breasted jacket, hip hugger pants and tie. You can tell the action is just about ready to start. This outfit is red with the wider pinstripes, just perfect for that look female gangsters have – the taking care of business look.

You don’t have to stick with the pantsuits if you like that striped look though. For a shorter, more modern gangster costume, you could go with the Fun World women’s gangster costume. This thigh length dress in a mixture of materials is sure to set the stage for a little Halloween public enemy finger pointing. Mischief is bound to follow.

High on the list is the always in demand Original Gangster Gun Moll Costume. Just like something Bonnie would wear on the run with Clyde, this double breasted jacket and skirt wouldn’t have won any points from the law back in time, but today, it’ll be a success wherever you wear it. Be sure and get the broad white tie made famous by gangster men of old and top that off with a fedora. Capone himself never looked as tough.

For a women’s gangster Halloween costume that’s not afraid to be bad or show a little skin, then check out the Sexywear Tommy Guns Gangster costume. The short skirt is a law – stopping double glance and the jacket with the white cuffs add that bad to the bone quality. The white corset goes to show that you’re a gangster gal who knows her style and just the right way to wear it.

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