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Womens Halloween Costume Ideas

Women’s Halloween Costume Ideas

Can you believe another year is almost coming to an end? Well, it is and you know what that means! The fall and holiday fun are upon us. Starting the chillier weather season off right is the celebration of Halloween – the one night of a year you can throw caution to the wind and dress in any costume you like.

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You can also let your hair be as wild as your inner rebel wants it to be. See if you can find the most original women’s Halloween costume, 2011 style! Let’s get started finding a costume that will make your night one to remember.

You might have always loved the classic fairy tales (who doesn’t?). After all, the princess ends up married to the rich, good-looking prince and leaves behind the world of drudgery.

But if the princess seems a little too, well, tame for you, tap into your inner warrior princess. The Warrior Princess costume is none too quiet about making others aware that you know how to handle yourself and you’re here for the party.

This costume has a brown faux leather dress, the headband and the cape that says you’re one tough woman. Put on the arm bands, cuffs and boot covers and your inner warrior will be pleased.

Rather than the ground, perhaps you prefer a more airy role. If that’s the case, guess what’s on the women’s Halloween costume 2011 list? Flight attendant. The new show Pan-Am has made the costume more glamorous than ever before and now you can be a part. This costume is the Women’s Classic Flight Attendant costume and is a blue retro pin-up style. Wear it and watch the night take flight.

Perhaps you’d rather stick to a costume that rocks your inner singer. If that’s more what you’d like to find, then you’re in luck. The Lady Gaga black sequin dress has the asymmetrical design made popular by the singer.

The matching mask is the finishing touch for this costume. Definitely unique. Or maybe Katy Perry is more your costume style. If you dare to wear, the Women’s Secret Wishes Katy Perry Whipped Cream costume might be what you’re hoping to find.

But the women’s Halloween costume 2011 list wouldn’t be complete with adding a bit of nostalgia. Going from modern day singers, let’s take a step back in time to a more iconic figure – Marilyn Monroe.

If the old saying is true that blondes really do have more fun, then this white pleated dress, a licensed product based on the one Marilyn wore in “The Seven Year Itch” is for you. Just don’t be surprised at the many compliments you’ll get when you do wear it.


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